6 Nations – Scotland vs England 2020

So the bookies give England a 75% probability of winning their #6nations match against Scotland tomorrow. Hmm, may well be worth a punt on Scotland at those odds. England’s win/loss ratio at Murrayfield is 50/50. The score against France, last week, flattered England as the two individual tries by May made the score more respectable. I’ve done the analysis and England only have a 3% edge. That said, they out score Scotland in every area except the back of the scrum, fullback and the right wing – and that’s concerning. It’s even more reason to lament the loss of Russell. Hastings is the better (read more consistent) fly half, but with only a 3% edge to overcome, the brilliance that Russell could have brought to the game, may well have won it for us. In conclusion, I think England will win (sadly) but it’s no way as likely as the bookies think.

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