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Advice to Data Science Noobs

Recently I was at Dev Day in Poland; there was a speaker there, Chad Fowler, and he gave a talk on the Passionate Programmer 10 Years On. The talk was good, but in one particular place, he spoke about advice … Continue reading

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Why Everyone Should Calm Down About IndyRef2

Nicola Sturgeon announces a “possible” timeline and actions that “might” trigger a second referendum and everyone goes mad. The Separatists go mad because it’s another opportunity to see their dreams come to fruition, and the Unionists go mad because the … Continue reading


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Died After Being Found Fit to Work. Really?

In this post I want to deal with this Guardian story (note: this story was also covered in other newspapers). In this article the Guardian claim that 2,380 people died shortly after being declared fit to work by the Department … Continue reading

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Always Check Behind the Headlines

So STV are carrying a news story saying 53% of Scots are now in favour of Independence. Hmm, thinks I, unlikely given the level of upfuckery conducted by the SNP around education and the NHS right now, not to mention … Continue reading

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