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All Your Search Are Belong To Us

Just downloaded the new beta of my favourite blogging tool (Window Live Writer) and noticed this nice little dialog that came with it It was the “…and prevent programs from interfering with this choice” I particularly liked 🙂 Technorati tags: … Continue reading

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AutoCollage Rocks my Socks!

Well not quite, that would be what we call hype; but, truthfully, AutoCollage 2008 is a great product. Here’s a collage I made after my trip to the Leuchars Airshow last weekend. Technorati tags: AutoCollage 2008

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Microsoft tweaks anti-piracy check for Windows XP

  Microsoft has updated software that verifies whether a copy of Windows is genuine in its Windows XP Professional edition, making it similar to the notification in Windows Vista and thus more persistently visible to users. More…

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Barry Carr on Oxygene Part 2

Here’s the second part of Barry’s talk. Technorati tags: Community, Barry Carr, Oxygene

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Barry Carr on Oxygene

Recently I caught up with local speaker Barry Carr and got him to tell me a bit about his new favourite language Oxygene. The screen cast is broken into two parts as YouTube will only allow broadcasts of 10 minutes … Continue reading

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Mining for Silver(light)

Who remembers Manic Miner for the ZX Spectrum? You do? Well if you pine for those days then pine no longer as a couple of the NxtGenUg guys have reproduced a few levels of the game written in Sliverlight. Why? … Continue reading

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Google Street View in Dundee Soon

This morning I took a walk across the road to fetch the morning paper, as I do every morning; only this morning as I did so a Google Street View survey car passed me and I managed to get a … Continue reading

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