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Thoughts on The 2017 UK General Election YouGov Model

I was recently asked to comment on the YouGov model that showed that the Conservative Party may fall short of an overall majority in the upcoming election. As my reply grew longer than I had intended, I decided to post … Continue reading

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Why Everyone Should Calm Down About IndyRef2

Nicola Sturgeon announces a “possible” timeline and actions that “might” trigger a second referendum and everyone goes mad. The Separatists go mad because it’s another opportunity to see their dreams come to fruition, and the Unionists go mad because the … Continue reading

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UK General Election Day 30 Twitter Analysis

This is the analysis for Wednesday 30th April 2015. There’s two stand out items on the chart today, the first being that #UKIP are in number 3 spot, and the second is the continuing rise of #SNPOUT. The more the … Continue reading

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