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The Internet is Broken and Here’s How

Okay it’s not, that was a bit of an exaggeration. However, a fundamental way in which it’s used is broken, and it’s broken in quite a serious way. Your Email is You and You are your EmailMost of the social … Continue reading

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Why I Hate Barclaycard

As I work for an American company I spend a fair amount of time travelling to the US. At the moment I’m in Glendale, CA. No matter what I do, no matter how many times I call or email Barclaycard, … Continue reading

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Dumb Security from AA

After the “Underpants bomber” burned his ‘nads on a flight to Detroit just before Christmas, the TSA issued security guidance with regard to carry on luggage. As I’m flying out to the MVP summit in Seattle tomorrow I thought I’d … Continue reading

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Dumb Conversation with my Credit Card Company

So going over my credit card statement I find that my wife’s card (a secondary on my account) has been compromised. I then phone up my credit card company and proceed to have this bizarre conversation: CSR: “How can I … Continue reading

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Landing a Parascender on Obzor Beach

Cameron and I parascending in Obzor, Bulgaria.

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More Recruiter Suckage

One more time for the hard of understanding, I am an engineer, but I’m a *software* engineer and if you’d read my CV you’d know that. Certification Engineer/Verification Engineer/Stress/Jar 21/Aerospace: My large aerospace client requires a Certification engineer, to work … Continue reading

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Emails that don’t Inspire Confidence

Username REDACTED We would like to inform you that your Help Assistant Question [ REDACTED ] has now been returned to the BOT- Order Progress pool. A member of our Support Team will investigate your issue as soon as possible. … Continue reading

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