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Oscars 2015 Tweet Analysis – Part 1

Summary (tl;dr) The main points of this post are: as data scientists we don’t always get data in the shape we want it. When that happens we have to use the tools we have to make the most of it. … Continue reading

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Installing HDInsight Emulator on Your Local Machine

In this video I demonstrate how to install the HDInsight Emulator on your local machine, via the Web Platform Installer, and how to run the wordcount example to test it’s installed properly.

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Speaking at DDD South West

I’m delighted to say I’ve been accepted to speak at DDD South West, where I’ll be delivering my talk on “Hadoop and Big Data for Microsoft Developers”, I hope I’ll so you there; if so, don’t forget to stop and … Continue reading

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Software Performance Webinar

On April 28 I’ll be joining good friend of mine, Kendall Millar and his co-host Gael Fraiteur (of PostSharp fame) on their new webinar. In this webinar, Kendall will be speaking about The Natural Laws of Software Performance and I’ll … Continue reading

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Microsoft and Black Marble present Visual Studio 2010 and Managing the Application Lifecycle

Visual Studio 2010 is being designed inside and out to give developers and development teams every advantage in getting the next ground-breaking application to market – quickly. The upshot is that your business gets to reap the rewards of tomorrow’s … Continue reading

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Functional Programming in C# 3.0

Just a reminder that Oliver Sturm will be giving a talk on the above subject tomorrow (Nov 25) between 7pm and 9pm, the details are as follows:- Abstract The newest version of C# introduces a number of language features that … Continue reading

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Microblogging Twitter Script

This evening I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be cool to include my microblogging post (posts on Twitter) in my full blog? So I set about writing a script to fetch all of the previous day’s tweets (well all that … Continue reading

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Bulk Deleting Twitter Direct Messages

The number of direct messages I had in Twitter was starting to mount up. “I’ll have to delete those” I thought to myself. I looked around their web site but failed to find away of bulk deleting direct messages. They … Continue reading

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Hug a Developer!

Being a developer is not all fun and giggles you know Technorati tags: Hug a Developer

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Sql Server Install Weirdness

Needing a database for development work I installed Sql Server Express Edition. In April I was fortunate enough to be made an MVP, an award that comes complete with a MSDN subscription. I decided to take advantage of this and … Continue reading

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