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6 Nations – Scotland vs England 2020

So the bookies give England a 75% probability of winning their #6nations match against Scotland tomorrow. Hmm, may well be worth a punt on Scotland at those odds. England’s win/loss ratio at Murrayfield is 50/50. The score against France, last … Continue reading


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Dataset Search: Google launches new search engine to help scientists find datasets – The Verge

Google is launching a new service for scientists, journalists, and anyone else looking to track down data online. It’s called Dataset Search, and it will hopefully unify the fragmented world of open data repositories. — Read on

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Text Analysis of GE17 Manifestos

I had a quick look at the manifestos of the main parties today, so I thought I’d jot down a few remarks here. So the first thing I did was to remove all the stop words and then run a … Continue reading

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Thoughts on The 2017 UK General Election YouGov Model

I was recently asked to comment on the YouGov model that showed that the Conservative Party may fall short of an overall majority in the upcoming election. As my reply grew longer than I had intended, I decided to post … Continue reading

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Will Democratizing AI be The Cancer at The Heart of Future Enterprise?

I’m I alone in thinking that Microsoft’s (and others) push to “Democratize AI” represents a threat to business equal to that of, say, the Y2K Bug? Here’s why I think it is. A while ago I was attending a conference … Continue reading

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Tutorial at O’Reilly AI Conference, NYC, June 27-29 2017

Do you have a lot of unstructured, comment or other “note type” data? Would you like to learn how to extract actionable business insights from this data? My colleague (Galiya Warrier) and I will be running a tutorial, at the … Continue reading

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Advice to Data Science Noobs

Recently I was at Dev Day in Poland; there was a speaker there, Chad Fowler, and he gave a talk on the Passionate Programmer 10 Years On. The talk was good, but in one particular place, he spoke about advice … Continue reading

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Died After Being Found Fit to Work. Really?

In this post I want to deal with this Guardian story (note: this story was also covered in other newspapers). In this article the Guardian claim that 2,380 people died shortly after being declared fit to work by the Department … Continue reading

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Always Check Behind the Headlines

So STV are carrying a news story saying 53% of Scots are now in favour of Independence. Hmm, thinks I, unlikely given the level of upfuckery conducted by the SNP around education and the NHS right now, not to mention … Continue reading

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The Deadly Sins of Social Media Analysts

In case you haven’t heard, there’s a general election coming up here in the UK. This has caused a spike in the number of analysis I’m seeing from social media companies, a large number of them containing some horrific “sins … Continue reading

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