Today In The Azure Cloud – March 6th 2017

Announcing Azure Storage Client Library for JavaScript
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In this computer science course, you will learn how to deploy, design, and load data using Microsoft’s Azure SQL Data Warehouse, or SQL DW. You’ll also learn about data distribution, compressed in-memory indexes, PolyBase for Big Data, and elastic scale.
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We just released Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer 0.8.9 earlier this week. You can download it from​.
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Azure SQL Data Warehouse users now have two options for creating and populating a table in a single statement. The first option is to use CREATE TABLE AS SELECT or CTAS. The second is to use SELECT..INTO. This post summarises the differences between the two approaches.
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Step through evaluation, planning, and deployment of your SharePoint Server 2016 farm in Azure infrastructure services.
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We are announcing the much-awaited public preview of diagnostic logs for Azure Stream Analytics through integration with Azure Monitoring. You can now examine late or malformed data that causes unexpected behaviors. This helps remediate errors caused by data that does not conform to the expectations of the query.
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To further our commitment to providing the latest in cloud innovation for government customers we’re excited to announce the general availability of HDInsight and Power BI Pro in Microsoft Cloud for Government.
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