What’s Happening In Cloud and Big Data – March 2nd 2017

We recently announced the general availability of Geospatial Functions in Azure Stream Analytics to enable real-time analytics on streaming geospatial data. This will make it possible to realize scenarios such as fleet monitoring, asset tracking, geofencing, phone tracking across cell sites, connected manufacturing, ridesharing solutions, etc. with production grade quality with a few lines of code.
More details at… https://azure.microsoft.com/blog/announcing-real-time-geospatial-analytics-in-azure-stream-analytics/

This post series provides the latest updates and news for Visual Studio Team Services and is a great way for Azure users to keep up-to-date with new features being released every three weeks. Visual…
More details at… https://azure.microsoft.com/blog/visual-studio-team-services-march-2017-digest/

With large enterprises deploying Azure Site Recovery (ASR) as their trusted Disaster Recovery solution to protect hundreds of virtual machines to Microsoft Azure, proper deployment planning before…
More details at… https://azure.microsoft.com/blog/azure-site-recovery-deployment-planner/

Building innovative applications with a spirit of speed and experimentation is at the heart of the cloud revolution. We see companies around the world challenged to embrace digital transformation, rethinking how apps can become engine for delighting customers and driving new lines of business. We are excited to share the progress we’ve made in our work on Azure Stack, an extension of Azure, bringing the agility and fast-paced innovation of cloud computing to on-premises environments.
More details at… https://azure.microsoft.com/blog/hybrid-application-innovation-with-azure-and-azure-stack/

To post your R job on the next post Just visit this link and post a new R job to the R community. You can post a job for free (and there are also two “featured job” options available for extra exposure). Current R jobs Job seekers: please follow the links below to learn more and apply for your R job of interest: Featured Jobs Part-Time Big Data Discovery Automation in Digital Health (5-10 hours per week) MedStar Institutes for Innovation – Posted by Praxiteles Anywhere 1 Mar2017 Full-Time Applied Research Statistician/Methodologist Congressional Research Service – Posted by egonzalez@crs.loc.gov Washington District of Columbia, United States 28 Feb2017 Full-Time Post-doctoral researcher in single cell computational genomics Lister lab, The University of Western Australia – Posted by ryanlister Perth Western Australia, Australia 21 Feb2017 Freelance Senior Data Scientist – Freelance Data Science Talent – Posted by datasciencetalent Frankfurt am Main Hessen, Germany 15 Feb2017 Full-Time R and C++ programmer NIMBLE project at UC Berkeley – Posted by pdevalpine Berkeley California, United States 1 Feb2017 More New Jobs Full-Time (Senior) Data Scientist @ München, Bayern, Germany Stylight GmbH – Posted by StylightGmbH München Bayern, Germany 2 Mar2017 Part-Time Big Data Discovery Automation in Digital Health (5-10 hours per week) MedStar Institutes […]
More details at… http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/RBloggers/~3/1ibS04yUp1c/

While representation of women and minorities at last year’s useR! conference was the highest it’s ever been, there is always room for more diversity. To encourage more underrepresented individuals to attend, the useR! committee has taken several steps, including asking attendees to adhere to a supportive code of conduct and by providing childcare at the conference venue in Brussels. The R Forwards taskforce is also offering diversity scholarships to under-represented individuals (such as, but not limited to, LGBTQ people, women, ethnic minorities, or those with disabilities) who might not otherwise be able to attend. If you qualify and think a…
More details at… http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/RBloggers/~3/aMsKBtpNH1M/

What is OpenML?

Conducting research openly and reproducibly is becoming the gold standard in academic research. Practicing open and reproducible research, however, is hard. OpenML.org (Open Machine Learning) is an online platform that aims at making t…
More details at… http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/RBloggers/~3/yJHS5jVVgtw/

Euler Problem 14 looks at the Collatz Conjecture. These playful sequences, named after German mathematician Lothar Collatz (1910–1990), cause mathematicians a lot of headaches. This video introduces the problem much better than I can describe it. Euler Problem 14 Definition The following iterative … Continue reading →
The post Euler Problem 14: Longest Collatz Sequence appeared first on The Devil is in the Data.
More details at… http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/RBloggers/~3/X-ZAI9NqhH8/

This article is on writing sweet R code using the wrapr package. The problem Consider the following R puzzle. You are given: a data.frame, the name of a column that you wish to find missing values (NA) in, and the name of a column to land the result. For instance: d <- data.frame(x = c(1, … Continue reading wrapr: for sweet R code
More details at… http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/RBloggers/~3/D_e-p1Us2GI/

The match() function returns a vector of the position of first occurrence of the vector1 in vector2. If the element of the vector1 does not exist in vector2, NA is returned.
More details at… http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/RBloggers/~3/OeDqL4EhMwc/

R’s model formula infrastructure was discussed in my previous post. Despite the elegance and convenience of the formula method, there are some aspects that are limiting. Limitations to Extensibility The model formula interface does have some limitations: It can be kludgy with many operations on many variables (e.g., log transforming 50 variables via a formula […]
More details at… http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/RBloggers/~3/OpmWESgD588/

I’ve just updated another section of The Popularity of Data Science Software. It is reproduced below to save you the trouble of reading the entire article. If your organization is looking for training in the R language, you might consider my … Continue reading →
More details at… http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/RBloggers/~3/HkiY-l77ORM/

News from Tableau.
We launched Tableau 10.2 today and wanted to let you know some of the highlights.

Python Integration. We are…

More details at… http://www.datasciencecentral.com/xn/detail/6448529:BlogPost:531881

By Reiichiro Nakano.
There are a number of visualizations that frequently pop up in machine learning. Scikit-plot is a humble attempt to provide aesthetically-challenged programmers (such as myself) the opportunity to generate quick and beautiful graphs and plots with as little boilerplate as possible.…

More details at… http://www.datasciencecentral.com/xn/detail/6448529:BlogPost:531829

Time series forecasting is different from other machine learning problems.
The key difference is the fixed sequence of observations and the constraints and additional structure this provides.
In this mega Ebook written in the friendly Machine Learning Mastery style that you’re used to, finally cut through the math and specialized methods for time series forecasting.
Using clear explanations, standard Python libraries and step-by-step tutorials you will discover how to…
More details at… http://www.datasciencecentral.com/xn/detail/6448529:BlogPost:531763

This is part of a new series of articles: once or twice a month, we post previous articles that were very popular when first published. These articles are at least 6 month old but no more than 12 month old. The previous digest in this series was posted here a while back.
18 Great Blogs Posted in the last 12 Months…
More details at… http://www.datasciencecentral.com/xn/detail/6448529:BlogPost:531719

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