Advice to Data Science Noobs

Recently I was at Dev Day in Poland; there was a speaker there, Chad Fowler, and he gave a talk on the Passionate Programmer 10 Years On. The talk was good, but in one particular place, he spoke about advice a mentor had once given him, he’d said do these six things for success in your field – Chad then went on to talk about the six things.

His list was particular to him and not relevant here, but it got me thinking, what six things would I tell a noobie data scientist to learn. Well I thought about it, and here are mine:

  1. Learn statistics
  2. Learn a statistics language (R, SPSS, SAS)
  3. Learn a scripting language, preferably Python
  4. Learn a machine learning library preferably scikit-learn
  5. Learn an RDBMS
  6. Learn a document database

I hope this list helps you, feel free to leave yours in the comments

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One Response to Advice to Data Science Noobs

  1. Ryan says:

    7. Learn to deal with a lack of entry-level data science jobs?

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