Always Check Behind the Headlines

So STV are carrying a news story saying 53% of Scots are now in favour of Independence. Hmm, thinks I, unlikely given the level of upfuckery conducted by the SNP around education and the NHS right now, not to mention the crash in oil price that would leave Scotland 7.2Bn poorer than we are now.

However, there are those dyed in the blood separatists who either have cognitive dissonance around the SNP’s failings, or who don’t care, they’d rather live in abject poverty in an independent Scotland, than wealthy in the UK; so, off I trot to look into the data.

Right enough, the headline is strictly true, 53% of those asked did say they’d vote for independence, buuuut, 3% are undecided and there’s a 3% error margin on top of that, so really this poll, puts independence neck and neck with unionism, which is pretty much where some polls had us before the referendum, and we know how that turned out. Also, whilst 53% (+/- 3%) said they would vote for independence, only 50% said they wanted another poll within 5 years.

On top of that, the Unionists respected the settled will of the Scottish people after the vote, whilst the Separatists totally ignored the result and carried on campaigning; so this poll is nothing to get worked up about, you would expect one side of a debate to make ground on the other when they are campaigning hard and the other side are not.

STVPollDataEven so, I still wanted to see the data, so I could see for myself what was actually asked and what was answered. Luckily STV supplied a link where I could download the data, and here’s what I got… I shit you not, that’s it. Umm, okay, in no way can that be construed as “the data”. So now you can colour me suspicious of the whole thing.

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