UK General Election Day 30 Twitter Analysis

This is the analysis for Wednesday 30th April 2015.


There’s two stand out items on the chart today, the first being that #UKIP are in number 3 spot, and the second is the continuing rise of #SNPOUT. The more the SNP refuse to rule out a second referendum, the stronger this hashtag grows. #VOTESNP vs #SNPOUT is now 4:1, down from 54:1 at the start of the campaign.


The thing that strikes you immediately is the lead that the two SNP accounts have over everyone else is staggering, there seems to be little any of the other parties can do to halt the “Cult of the SNP”.




Labour continue to be the most talked about party, with the SNP second and the Tories third. To find out what was said, we’ll take a look at the trigrams.


After polls showing that the SNP may win every seat in Scotland, the topic of conversation, on the “CyberNats” dominated stream, is one of the more seats they win the stronger Scotland’s voice is.

Let’s see what else made the news yesterday:

The Conservatives promise a law guaranteeing no rise in income tax, national insurance or VAT before 2020, prompting “TAX RISES LAW” at 1,237.

But Labour say Tory plans would mean cuts to tax credits totalling £3.8 billion, bringing “CUTTING TAX CREDITS”, in at 1,118.

The Lib Dems pledge to offer free schools meals to all children in England, pushing “FREE SCHOOL MEALS”, into the number 35 spot.

Russell Brand released his interview with Ed Miliband . The Labour leader told the comedian he was wrong to say that voting was pointless, prompting “MILIBRAND INTERVIEW GE2015”, at 240.

UKIP leader Nigel Farage warned of an influx of Islamic extremists if Europe’s doors were opened to large numbers of people fleeing conflict zones, putting “NIGEL FARAGE WARNS” at 769.

Nick Clegg laid down another condition for considering a coalition – he wants a £12,500 personal tax free allowance, bringing “” to the 1,135 spot.

Well that’s all for this post, until next time, keep crunching those numbers! Smile

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