UK General Election Day 29 Twitter Analysis

Welcome to the analysis for Tuesday 28th April 2015. Let’s jump straight in by looking at the hashtag chart:


As we enter the last stages of the election, all the parties are making their mark on the chart, with the exception of the Greens. The SNP are still well out in front, their expertise, honed on the independence referendum, shines in this campaign – on Twitter. The NHS also reappears on the chart, though it’s never really been far away, even when it’s not been present. The #SNPOUT tag is creeping up the chart too as the election progresses, the #VOTESNP vs #SNPOUT ratio is at 4.9:1, the lowest it’s been throughout the campaign.


Most of the usual suspects appear in today’s chart, with a couple of exceptions; those are @UTVELECTIONS which is an account that carried information about a TV debate in NI and @LIBBY_BROOKS, the Scotland correspondent for the Guardian Newspaper, who had a humorous exchange with Nicola Sturgeon, which the “CyberNats” seemed to enjoy.




Again Labour are the most talked about party, with the SNP second and the Tories third, whilst the number of people talking about UKIP challenge those talking about the LibDems.


As you can see, the Twitter exchange between Libby Brooks and Nicola Sturgeon delighted the “CyberNats”, with them immediately announcing it the “best tweet of the election, possibly ever”, you can judge for yourself if there might be a little bit of hyperbole there:


Let’s see what else happened in the election news yesterday:

The Conservatives promise another 50,000 apprenticeships paid for by £200 million from Libor fines, this did not register with the Twitterati.

Labour announce a 10-point plan to reform the immigration system, prompting “GE2015 IMMIGRATION PLAN” at 822.

Lib Dems demand a stability budget within 50 days of the next government being formed as a red line for any post-election negotiations, pushing “STABILITY BUDGET WITHIN” into position 1,390.

The Green Party pledged to double child benefit to £40 a week, prompting “CHILD BENEFIT DOUBLE” at 1,411.

Well that’s it for this post, until next time, keep crunching those numbers! Smile

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