UK General Election Day 22 Twitter Analysis

After yesterday’s detour to look at the party’s manifestos, we return today to looking at the Twitter stream for Tuesday 21st April 2015; starting with the Hashtag Chart:


The SNP and Labour continue the trend of topping the chart. The election looks as if it may boil down to the choice between a Tory/LibDem coalition and a Labour/SNP coalition. However, as the Tories and the Libdems do not feature as highly (the Tories at 14, the LibDems at 19), this result is probably best explained by the fact that the election stream is still dominated by Scottish politics and the SNP and Labour are engaged in a knife fight there.

#MiliFandom makes an appearance at number 5 after an account started posting pics of Miliband’s face posted onto other characters. #SNPOut still showing a strong growth at number 6. The NHS is never far from the electorate’s mind, occupying positions 8 and 9, whilst the ever popular #IndyRef tag closes us out at number 10. It doesn’t seem to matter how many times Sturgeon and the SNP say this election is not about independence, it’s always at the forefront of the “CyberNat’s” minds.

#STUC15 tag, a tag about the Scottish Trades Union Congress, makes an appearance after Labour and the SNP both make popular speeches there.


The national news accounts are starting to grow in popularity as the electorate take more of an interest in the election and start to comment on interviews as they are happening.



Due to, what the BBC would call a “slight technical hitch”, but what I’ll just call a “cock up”, there’s no data for the first part of the day; however, from what we do have, it’s pretty clear that Labour maintain their position as the party that most people are talking about, having again been top of the posts in every hour.


The fact that Labour and the SNP dominate the chatter on the election stream, is borne out by the graphic above showing those tweets that are geocoded and the party that is the subject of the tweet.


Major saying that a Lab/SNP coalition would result in a “daily doze of blackmail” is the leading story in our trigrams chart, followed by teenage girls declaring themselves members of #milifandom.

Let’s see what other election news hit the headlines and how it played out on Twitter:

The Libdems launched their Scottish manifesto, “LAUNCHES GE2015 MANIFESTO” made it to 144 in the chart.

Labour says it would launch what it calls an “NHS rescue plan”, including a recruitment drive for 1,000 new nurses, prompting “FORTNIGHT RESCUE NHS” at 324.

Ed Miliband accuses David Cameron of putting the union at risk by “talking up” the SNP, leading to “TALKING UP SNP” at 1,292.

Nick Clegg says the Lib Dems would allow councils to charge 200% council tax on second homes in rural beauty spots, causing “TAX DOUBLE UNDER” at 1,549.

BBC Radio One’s Newsbeat stages an hour-long debate on health, education and immigration for 100 young adults, prompting “NEWSBEAT GE2015 DEBATE” 1,523.

Conservative chairman Grant Shapps has said a Guardian story linking him with changes to Wikipedia pages is “the most bonkers story” of the campaign so far, leading to “GRANT SHAPPS EDITED” at 135.

Well that’s it for this post, ‘til next time, keep crunching those number! Smile

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