UK General Election Day 19 Twitter Analysis

Hello, let’s kick off our analysis of the election news from Saturday April 18 2015, by taking a look at the Top 10 Hashtag Chart:


The chatter over the BBC Debate is starting to recede now, and the SNP tags are back on top of the chart. #Registertovote is still doing well, as many organisations try to encourage people to register before Monday’s deadline. #SNPOut, the anti SNP campaign in Scotland, continues to garner more chatter as it moves up to position 6 in the chart. In general, the chart reflects that it’s a two horse race (in Scotland) between the SNP and Labour, and much like the polls suggest, not much has changed since the start of the election campaign. #The45 brings up the rear at number 10. This, along with #IndyRef at number 16 reminds everyone that the core SNP principle of independence for Scotland is never far from the minds of SNP supporters and thus, from the SNP themselves.

A few interesting tags from outside of the top 10: #voteconservative makes it in at number 11; perhaps the Tory accounts are finally taking notice of the tagging advice I gave earlier. (Note: I’m not taking credit here, I’m sure they received the same advice from their highly paid social media advisors.).

#GLASGOWEAST is in at number 14, as Ashcroft predicts a swing of 25% to the SNP, who are set to sweep away Margret Curran, the Shadow Scottish Secretary.


With the BBC Debate over, the SNP retake their dominant position on the chart, with @AlexSalmond taking the third spot, reminding us that no matter how popular Nicola Sturgeon is with the nation, Salmond will be the chap trying to pull the strings at Westminster.

@SophyRidgeSky is a political correspondent for Sky, currently attached to the Labour campaign. Her popularity stems from a picture she posted of a Telegraph reader’s letter, saying with the money floating around for investment by government right now, we should have an election every year. Smile

@NatalieMcGarry is the Glasgow Easy candidate for the SNP (see earlier).

@the45storm is another pro independence account.


The Locations chart continues to suggest that the election stream chatter is two sided, between Labour and the SNP, with the majority of SNP support around Glasgow (a city that almost entirely voted “Yes” in the referendum) and the Central Belt.




The Posts Per Hour by Party charts further support the idea that, on the election stream, Labour and the SNP are the dominant topics, with Labour winning out over the SNP in every hour.


Today’s show was stolen by Sophy Ridge, a political correspondent from Sky, who tweeted a picture of a humorous reader’s letter from the Telegraph.

Let’s see what else happened in the election and how it played out with the Twitterati:

Labour announced they are to create a new task force to crack down on illegal immigration. This did not register in the top 2,000 trigrams.

David Cameron visited Gravesend in Kent and took part in a Sikh parade celebrating the festival of Vaisakhi. This appeared 3 times, the highest at 189 with “SIKH GURDWARA GRAVESEND”.

Mr Cameron also said pensions campaigner Ros Altmann would be made a Tory peer and minister for consumer protection if the party wins the election, this did not appear in the top 2,000 trigrams.

The number of NHS nurses in England is set to fall by almost 2,000 over the next four years according to government projections, Labour has said, leading to “AXE 2,000 NURSES” appearing at 1,575.

The Lib Dems said they would double the number of employers offering apprenticeships to young people if the party wins its way back into government. This failed to register.

Well that’s it from this post, until next time, keep crunching those numbers! Smile

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