UK General Election Day 18 Twitter Analysis

Hello and welcome to an analysis of the election for Friday April 17 2015. Jumping right into the hashtag chart:


From the chart we can see that the #BBCDebate is still a popular topic of conversation, consequently #Labour and #SNP are riding high, as the main protagonists.

#Cosplay, the tag around the picture of the main party leaders as characters from StarWars, makes a return and there’s a new entry in the form of #FlyerMarking, which is the tag for the picture of a UKIP flyer which has been corrected by teacher.

#VotePower is a new entry at number 9 and seems to be a tag around the register to vote campaign as well as being used by a number of university student and young voter campaign groups.

#SNPOut, the campaign to put an end to – what they see as the divisions in Scotland, caused by the SNP – has one of it’s strongest showings at number 8. #VoteSNP vs #SNPOut tweeting ratio stands at 6:1, down from 54:1 10 days ago.

Notable tags, outside of the top 10, include #Indref at number 15 – never far from the minds of the “CyberNats” and #VoteConservative at number 16, a relatively high placing for them.


The SNP accounts are riding high as always, nothing noteworthy there, @Kibooki, the author of the StarWars picture, mentioned above, also makes a reappearance, @SkyNews still in the limelight, after stating Nicola was the winner of the recent BBC debate and the @Conservatives making a strong showing too.

@TES (Times Educational Supplement) enters the chart at number 8, being the account that first brought the corrected UKIP flyer to the stream.


If we take a look at the map of geotagged tweets and the parties that were the subject of those tweets, we can see that most of the chat is still around Labour, with it being a fight between the SNP and Labour in Scotland. The Tories and UKIP only getting a few tweets between them. In Scotland, most of the tweets are concentrated in the Central Belt.




Looking at across the day, we can see that Labour remain the dominant party in fact, they are tweeted about most in every hour of the day.


The most commonly used three word groups chart is taken up with two subjects, the first is the push to get everyone registered to vote, and the other is the CosPlay pic mentioned earlier.

Let’s see what else happened in the news on Friday, and how it played out on Twitter:

Job figures show that UK unemployment has fallen to its lowest rate since July 2008, with “JOBS CREATED 2010” being the highest entry at 33.

Labour unveils its Scottish manifesto in Glasgow, prompting “SCOTTISH LABOUR MANIFESTO” at 566.

Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg is in Scotland, where he urged Conservative and Labour voters to vote Lib Dem to defeat the SNP, bringing in “DEFEAT SNP ACCORDING” at 1,319.

Lord Ashcroft’s polls in Scotland suggested the SNP was gaining more ground in key seats, with “LATEST ASHCROFT POLL” at 431.

That wraps up this blog post, until next time, keep crunching those numbers! Smile

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