UK General Election Day 16 Twitter Analysis

Hello there, and lets kick off today’s analysis by looking at the Top 10 Word Chart:


As you might guess, with the flurry of manifestos that were launched yesterday, (see later)that word leads the chart today. However the rest of the words don’t settle on a particular policy, it just makes it clear that the general “buzz” around the election stream was regarding the launches.


The hashtag chart is interesting again today as #UKIP split the SNP tags, though #LIBDEMMANIFESTO just edges out #UKIPMANIFESTO in the chart. #REGISTERTOVOTE is still in the chart at number 9 and #SNPOUT makes it’s first appearance in the chart at at number 10. #VOTESNP only outnumbered the #SNPOUT tag by 7:1, the lowest it’s been in the campaign, by some considerable margin. #COSPLAY hits the charts at number 5.

#COSPLAY is a portmanteau of the words costume play, and is a performance art in which participants called cosplayers wear costumes and fashion accessories to represent a specific character or idea. With regard to #GE2015, the tag took off after this post:

Resulted in this picture featuring heavily on the stream:

Just outside of the chart, people are still talking about the Tory’s #RIGHTTOBUY scheme at number 14. #YOUTALKTHEYLISTEN, a Guardian tag promoting dialog with the parties, is at number 16 after focussing on the climate, for much of yesterday. The ever important #NHS is at number 18.


The LibDems lead the chart after the launch of their manifesto yesterday. @Kibooki makes an appearance at number 5 after posting the #cosplay pic. Plaid, UKIP (@fight4uk), Labour and the SNP all get a mention, no sign of the Greens, nor the Tories.


The zeitgeist gives a stark reminder to politicians how little they matter. On the day when 4 parties launched a manifesto of one kind or another, all any one could talk about was a picture of the leaders dressed as StarWars characters. With the Kibooki post taking up positions 1 – 6 and 10. Smile

The Libdems did get a look in at number 7 and “manifesto launch” made it to number 8. Let’s see how the zeitgeist covered what else was happening in the election:

As we spoke about earlier the Liberal Democrat Party launched its manifesto, pledging an extra £2.5bn for England’s education budget; although no one seemed that bothered about it “PROTECT EDUCATION BUDGET” was the farthest up the chart at 377.

UKIP launched its manifesto, which included a commitment to protect the defence budget. Defence wasn’t mentioned but “UKIP GE2015 MANIFESTO” made number 21 in the chart.

Labour also published what it called its women’s manifesto, this wasn’t mentioned at all in the top 2,000 trigrams.

Nick Clegg said no party would win an outright election victory and warned voters they face a choice between the Lib Dems, the SNP and UKIP over who holds the balance of power; “WIN OUTRIGHT NICK” appears at number 13 in the chart.

UKIP said it would make working people better off through a “low-tax revolution”. “PLEDGES LOW-TAX REVOLUTION” is in at number 36.

Working grandparents could share unpaid parental leave under plans being launched by the Labour Party as part of its women’s manifesto; this was not mentioned.

In an interview with the BBC’s Evan Davis, David Cameron says accusations that the Conservatives are “the party of the rich” make him “more angry than almost anything else”. “MAKES REALLY ANGRY” hits the chart at 1,465

The SDLP has launched its manifesto , in which it calls for a prosperity process for Northern Ireland to expand its private sector. “SDLP LAUNCHES GE2015” is in at 230 in the chart.

Well that’s it for today, ‘til next time, keep crunching those numbers. Smile


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