UK General Election Day 15 Twitter Analysis

Well I guess it had to happen one day, and that day has come:


A party policy has come to dominate the most frequently tweeted words list, and that policy, as you can see, is the Tory manifesto pledge to give housing association tenants the right to buy their properties. It has pushed everything else off of the chart.


The topic continues to do well when looking at the hashtag chart too, managing to split the #VoteSNP and #SNP tags, pushing the latter down to 4th place.

Related tags, just outside the top 10, were #ToryManifesto at 14 and #UKHousing at 18.

Away from that story, #RegisterToVote is still doing well at number 12, #IndyRef is at 22 whilst #NHS has fallen to 25.


The story’s domination doesn’t extend to the popular accounts chart, save the inclusion of @Shelter at number 10, I’m sure they had plenty to say on the topic of selling social housing. Having said that, we see the accounts of David Cameron and the Conservatives riding higher in the chart than they have done previously.


The right to buy announcement, and the chatter about it, has pushed the SNP agenda right off the trigrams chart. In fact, there’s nothing overtly on the SNP agenda in the top 100 trigrams.

This announcement dominates the chatter today, but let’s see how the other parties got on:

The Tories also announced that they were the party of the “Working people”, this was mentioned 10 times, the highest at 61 with “PARTY WORKING PEOPLE”.

The Green Party launched their manifesto with promises of action to combat climate change. This was mentioned 5 times with “CLIMATE CHANGE GE2015” at 26. They also promised to improve public services, getting “PUBLIC SERVICES GE2015” to number 1,877.

The Scottish Labour leader, Jim Murphy, clashed with the SNP leader, Nicola Sturgeon, on austerity politics. This did not register in the top 2,000 trigrams.

Apart from this, nothing much happened, the other parties lost the day reacting to the Tory’s announcements.

That wraps it up for today. Until next time, keep crunching those numbers! Smile

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