UK General Election Day 14 Twitter Analysis

Looking at the Top 10 Word Chart, it looks like the dominant story is going to be future cuts and the confusion around Labour’s stance on, to what extent those will be felt in Scotland:


First day where we’ve seen the SNP slide off of this chart, though I’m not sure that’s good news for Labour as they snatched defeat from the jaws of victory on their manifesto launch day by not being clear that Scotland would have to shoulder it’s fair share of the cuts in the next parliament.


The Labour manifesto launch makes a splash on the hashtag chart today, along with the campaign to get people registered to vote ahead of the General Election. The NHS hangs in there, just making the chart, whilst the tag for the BBC2 day time show Victoria Live makes an appears after their election debate.


The Electoral Commission push the SNP off of top spot with their campaign to ensure that everyone, who needs to be, is registered to vote. Let’s just take a moment to let that sink in. The group set up to ensure democracy is far better, than any party, at ensuring their voice is heard by the electorate. Smile


Well there’s a first in the campaign, not a single SNP story in the zeitgeist today. But I’m sure the SNP won’t be worried, as the the story that dominates is one of ensuring every one is registered to vote; a topic of cross party importance, and hence why it carries the day.

You have to drop down to position 15 to find an SNP story, and it’s one of them challenging Labour over the confusion of cuts in Scotland, “EXPLAIN CUTS CONFUSION” is the trigram involved.

At number 16 comes a further attack from the SNP on Labour as Jim Murphy turns down an opportunity to clear up the confusion: “TURNED DOWN SCOTLANDTONIGHT”.

Let’s find out how the other parties got on:

Labour launched their manifesto and “LABOUR ‘S MANIFESTO” hits the chart at 61.

The Conservatives extend the right to buy scheme but you have to go to number 627 to find “RIGHT BUY 1.3M”.

The LibDems say no coalition with the Tories if they press ahead with 12Bn of welfare cuts, getting “WELFARE CUTS NICK” into the number 329 spot.

The Lib Dems launch a “five point plan” aimed at consumers and commuters, this doesn’t register on the chart of top 2,000 trigrams.

The Greens unveiled their national campaign poster , saying the time for “half measures” was over. This didn’t register on the chart.

The leader of UKIP has encouraged people to vote tactically in the election. This also failed to register.

That wraps it up for today, until next time, keep crunching those numbers! Smile

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