UK General Election Day 13 Twitter Analysis

Hello and welcome to a Twitter analysis of day 13 of the election. Let’s jump in and have a look at the word frequency chart:


“SNP” and “Labour” still neck and neck at the top of the chart as they continue to duke it out over FFA. “Tax” hits the number 4 spot as the Tories plans on inheritance tax played out during the day. “Scotland” at number 7 reminds us that the #GE2015 stream is dominated by the “CyberNats” (for reasons previously mentioned) and their agenda is to the fore. “Tories” are still hanging in there in 8th spot and the other parties are no shows.


“#VoteSNP” way out in the lead again today (for reasons previously explored) “#BBCSP” tag riding high at number 3 after the mauling Sturgeon took on the show and “#Indyref” taking number 6. This tag always increases in popularity as the SNP take a beating on TV. “#Marr” and “#NHS” take numbers 7 and 8 as Osborne struggles to answer Marr’s questions on his Sunday morning show.

A few interesting tags outside of the top 10, are “#ProjectFear2”, demonstrating the “CyberNats” inability to see any challenge to SNP policy as anything other than an “establishment” plot to scare Scots away from independence. Surprised to see “#HS2” at number 25, there doesn’t seem to have been a lot of people talking about that. “#Trident” has slipped down to 42, as the discussion moves away from renewal.


Accounts of the SNP and Labour, both official and supporters, dominate the chart today as those two continue to fight over FFA and other policies. There’s a real knife fight going on between those two in Scotland right now, and no where is that more ably illustrated than on the Twitter stream.


There’s no surprise that Sturgeon’s battle on the Sunday Politics Show tops the daily  zeitgeist, but what is surprising is that the claims by Mohammad Shoaib, that the SNP may be institutionally racist, dominate the rest of the chart. This is the first time in the campaign that a negative story about the SNP has dominated the zeitgeist.

But how did the other parties fair?

Labour previews it’s manifesto launch, promising no more borrowing in order to fund it’s pledges. This does not register in the top 2,000 phrases. All mentions of manifesto are still tied to the SNP’s earlier launch of their “Families’ Manifesto”.

Tories unveil their plans to cut inheritance tax. This is mentioned 24 times and hits a peak at number 50, with: “INHERITANCE TAX PLANS”.

The Greens say they want a top rate of tax of 60%. This is mentioned 28 times with, “PLANS 60 TAX” at number 44.

The LibDems set out plans to eliminate the deficit by 2017/18. This was not mentioned in the top 2,000 phrases.

Well that’s all for this post, ‘til next time, keep crunching those numbers. Smile

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