UK General Election Day 12 Twitter Analysis

As Labour continue to press home their attack on the SNP, let’s see how that is reflected on the election stream.


“Labour” continues to be the most used word on the election stream, not only pushing “SNP” off of the top spot, but relegating them to 10th place. Talk around the Tory policy of investment in the NHS means it’s in today’s number 3 slot.


Looking at the hashtags now, we see #”UKIP” hitting the number 3 spot, making them more popular than they have been so far in the campaign. “#NHS” at number 5 shows how important it is to all parties in this election. A surprise entry at number 7 for “#Conservatives”, first time that tag has made the chart top 10. Followed by “#IndyRef” at number 8, reminding us that when the SNP come under attack the question of independence is never far from the minds of their supporters.

“#Plaid15” sits just outside the top 10 at number 12. Followed by “#RedTories” at number 13; the highest position that tag has achieved as the “CyberNats” fight back against Labour’s challenge of SNP economic policy. “#ProjectFear2” hits the number 20 spot as “CyberNats” try to portray the attack as lies designed by the “establishment” to scare Scots away from independence.


The surprising fact of this chart is that “@LibDems” have split the SNP dominance. The rest is a pretty even split amongst the parties, the pundits and the “CyberNats”.


The news that the SNP launched their families’ manifesto leads our zeitgeist chart today. The rest of the chart is filled with the “CyberNats” counter attack on Labour’s challenge over FFA.

Let’s see how the other parties faired:

Labour were talking about providing one-on-one midwife care for new mothers. This policy did not appear in the top 2,000 phrases.

The LibDems promised a new bill to protect people’s rights online. “DIGITAL RIGHTS BILL” appears 15 times, the highest at number 15.

These last two items demonstrate clearly how “Twitter is not the real world”;  please remember this when reading my posts, these are analysis of the the Twittersphere and probably do not reflect attitudes of voters “in the real world”. Hence the last two paragraphs, where Labour offer one on one midwife care for new mothers and no one is interested, where the LibDems offer a “digital bill of rights” and that hits number 15 in the chart.

The Tories said they’d raise the threshold on inheritance tax, taking most family homes out of the tax bracket. This was mentioned 6 times, with “RAISE INHERITANCE TAX” at number 378. It was a late breaking story though and there may be more on this tomorrow.

Labour said it was going to slap bigger fines on tax avoiders. This was not mentioned in the Zeitgeist but, again, it was a late breaking story and may spill over into tomorrow.

Well that’s all for this post, until next time, keep crunching those numbers! Smile

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