Supporters Are The Engine of SNP Success

I posted here about how the SNP were dominating the #GE2015 stream on Twitter, mainly because of the other parity’s poor tagging discipline. An untagged tweet goes out into the Twittersphere and is only read randomly by people who come across it, or by your own supporters, who are already following you. This is bad because reaching and influencing new voters should be the aim of every tweet.

Tagged tweets, however, are targeted to a stream that interested parties – your followers and others – are already “tuned in” to, so reaching new, interested voters, is easy.

This isn’t the whole story however. As well as the SNP, and their supporters, having great tagging discipline, their supporters act as a force multiplier when it comes to the SNP broadcasting their political messages, as can be seen from this infographic:


The picture is even more stark when you compare the SNP to the two main parties, who don’t even score 1 for amplification; this means when Labour or the Tories post to Twitter, 1 post is made. When the SNP post, there’s that original 1 post, plus the 118 retweets = 119 tweets. No wonder the SNP continue to dominate the GE2015 stream.

“But wait”, you say, “isn’t this just a gigantic ‘echo chamber’?”, with the messages of the SNP going to their supporters, who are retweeting it back to their own supporters. Well that would be true if the SNP were only posting to the #VoteSNP stream. Most people there are already going to vote for them, so that message would not influence any one. However, that is not what they are doing, they are posting to the #GE2015 stream, where voters (both decided and undecided) are tuning in for election information, those people, are being bombarded, day in and day out, by SNP political messages. The probability that the SNP dominance of this stream as influenced the voting behaviour of some is bound to be high.

That’s all for this post, ‘til next time, keep crunching those numbers! Smile

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