UK General Election Day 9 Twitter Analysis

Right, let’s jump straight in with the day 9 analysis:


Well there’s not a whole lot there to give us any insight on the day, quite the mixed bag. The only notable things are the prominence of “Labour” at number 2 and the fact that “SNP” have slipped down to number 7.

Although, if you take some of the top words you can make “election, vote Labour out”, so maybe the Labour supporters shouldn’t get too excited. Smile

Note “Tories” make an appearance at number 9, possibly a reaction to a successful debate performance by Ruth Davidson, but then possibly not, as “Ruth”, “Davidson” and “RuthDavidsonMSP” occupy numbers 142, 356 and 19,657 respectively.


As you can see the debates in Scotland had a big impact on the hashtag chart yesterday. At first this may seem surprising, as the debates were only shown live on BBC Scotland, and I think, BBC News 24. But when you remember that the election stream is dominated by the SNP and their supporters, then it’s not that surprising.

If you are interested to know why it is that the SNP dominate the stream, then I wrote a blog post about it earlier today, you can read it here; or you can just believe me that they do. Smile

“#UKIP” also rides high in the chart, as does “#Labour” and their “#NONDOM” policy, which seems to have gotten a fair bit of attention on Twitter.


“@theSNP” and “@NicolaSturgeon” are atop the chart once again. Their continued domination of the the hashtag chart is probably a combination of the dominance of the SNP on the thread and the SNP’s promoted tweets:


Now is a good time to stop and have a little word about these promoted tweets. Firstly, I think the SNP are the only ones doing this sort of thing; if not then they are the only ones I’ve seen so they are probably spending more money on it.

Secondly, this promoted tweet is a very good example of what should be done. It promotes the party’s main account, it’s tagged with the a clear message, “VoteSNP” and the message it contains is clear and easily understood.

Also on the chart, the LibDems have a good showing, and there’s a first mention for a new party @LeftUnityUK a left wing party based in England.

The other new name on the chart, Peter Murrell, is the Chief Executive of the SNP and married to Nicola.


The SNP agenda continues to dominate (Scotland’s voice, voice hear at Westminster and Vote SNP), with the topic of nationalising the railways making an appearance, along with the the Left Unity UK party.

Let’s look beyond the top 10 and see how the other parties faired:

The policy of taxing, so called, nondoms was Labour’s big play of the day. The word “nondom” appeared 18 times, the highest position being 401 with “NEED KNOW NONDOMS”.

The Tories attacked Labour over Trident, saying that they weren’t strong enough to stand up the  SNP after Sturgeon claimed Trident was a “red line” for the SNP. The word “Trident” appears 11 times, with “VOTE RENEW TRIDENT” being the highest entry at 13. On the surface that sounds like a positive view for the renewal of Trident, however the trigram before it is “NEVER VOTE RENEW”, so the anti lobby, in the shape of the SNP, very much to the fore in that debate.

The SNP said that trying to drag Scotland out of the EU against her will would trigger another independence referendum. The word “EU” appears twice, the highest entry being “OURSELVES GOVERNED EU” at 709, whilst the word “referendum” appears 6 times, the highest being “ANOTHER REFERENDUM IT” at number 46.

Meanwhile, UKIP, along with Joey Essex were in Grimsby, to speak about fishing reforms. The word “Grimsby” appears 6 times, with “GRIMSBY DOCKS VOTING” at 391. “Fishing” appears twice, with “DECLINE FISHING INDUSTRY” at 395. The word “Joey”, however, appears 11 times with “JOEY ESSEX TELLS” at 71. Who says it’s all about policies eh? Winking smile

Well I think we’ll leave it there for this post, until next time, keep crunching those number! Smile

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