UK General Election Day 10 Twitter Analysis

We are 10 days into this election campaign, about a quarter of the way through; so far we’ve seen the SNP and their agenda completely dominate the Twittersphere (read here to find out why). Can the other parties get their collective thumbs out of their rears and catch up? Let’s find out…

Let’s grab the most frequently used words, on the election stream and see what that tells us:


At last, a campaign topic is dominating the word frequency chart, naturally it’s one dear to the heart’s of the SNP: Trident. With the Tories laying into Labour yesterday about them not being able to stand up to the SNP and their “red line” over Trident renewal; “Labour”, “SNP”, “Tories” and “Trident” occupy 4 out of the top 5 places.


Looking at the hashtag chart we see “VoteSNP” way out in front; is this the effect of the SNP’s promoted tweet campaign?

The three way spat between Labour/Tory/SNP over Trident is reflected in the hashtag chart, pushing “Trident” up into second place.

Interesting to see the “IamAnImmigrant” crowd funded poster campaign, celebrating the contribution of immigrants, trending ahead of “UKIP”.

Also notable is that, as the campaign hots up, the parties are getting their political tags on the chart. The Tories are just outside the top 10, at number 11; but it’s worse news for the Lib Dems at number 31 and the Greens at 33.

Other notable entries, outside of the top 10 are “NHS” at number at number 14 and “Railways” at number 18, as Labour’s Michael Dugher pledges are rail fare freeze. “IndyRef” and “FrenchGate” drop down to 24, and 25; much to the relief of the SNP I’m sure.


Another huge lead on this chart for the SNP, I feel there’s a high probability that this is on the back of the promoted tweet campaign I spoke about in my post yesterday.

Interesting to see @AmnestyUK up there, though it’s not immediately obvious what’s caused that. Also @noxenophobia, which is a campaign to stop xenophobia in the immigration debate. With Amnesty and Noxenophobia in the top 10, and WowPetition at number 27, are we seeing a rise in campaign groups giving rise to their messages during the election?


Further proof, as if it were needed, that political parties have a lot to learn from campaign groups, when it comes to getting their message out on social media, can be found on the trigrams chart. This chart gives a “your day in three words” type summary, and as you can see, the Amnesty UK campaign on human rights blew all the parties away, even pushing the mighty SNP down into second place. More interesting still, sandwiching the SNP is the crowd funded IamAnImmigrant campaign with “IAMANIMMIGRANT NOXENOPHOBIA POSTER” at number 16.

Now, let’s take a look and see how the other parties faired:

Cameron continued his attack on Miliband over the matter of Trident, and we can see above that this was a particularly popular topic of conversation.

Cameron also announced 16,000 new apprenticeships; this did not register in the top 2,000 trigrams; another example of the utter failure of the Conservatives to get their message out, as discussed yesterday.

Labour announced that all teenagers would receive face to face careers advice, this was mentioned 13 times in the zeitgeist with “ONE-TO-ONE CAREERS ADVICE” at 300.

The LibDems finally made an impact on the zeitgeist by hitting a pigeon with their “battle bus”, this got 3 mentions, the highest “RUNS OVER PIGEON” at 181

UKIP candidate Patricia Culligan had to apologise after questioning the cost of treating UK HIV sufferers. “UKIP CANDIDATE CULLIGANPA” appears at 980.

Well that’s all for this post, til next time, keep crunching those number! Smile

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