UK General Election Day 3 Twitter Analysis

I was visiting clients when the election campaign officially got underway, and being a bear of little brain, I forgot to start my Twitter Listener before I left, so I’m a bit behind the curve; consequently, my Twitter analysis will be starting from day 3 – but hey, what can you do, right?

Just in case you have forgotten, day 3 was the day of the seven leader’s debate on ITV, you remember, the one each of the party leaders claimed to have won. Hmm, well let’s see what the Twitterati say. Smile

In all of the following charts, the legend is in descending order, left to right and top to bottom; most popular first, least popular appearing last.

First thing I did was to look at the the top 10 words used in tweets, by frequency:


As you can see they’re pretty evenly matched. The interesting thing to note here is that Labour are the only party to make it into the top 1o words mentioned. Also note that Nigel Farage and Nicola Sturgeon are the only leaders to make the cut. Although Farage is mentioned slightly more times than Sturgeon, I’m going to go out on a limb and say Sturgeon’s mentions were probably more universally positive, as Farage is more of a “marmite” leader than Sturgeon.

By contrast, the main parties talking points of the economy (for the Conservatives) and living standards (for Labour) were mentioned 531 times and 3 times respectively; oops, you’ve got to pick up the pace guys.

The next thing I looked at was the top 10 hashtags by frequency:


The leader’s debate hashtag dominates today’s popularity chart, as you’d expect given its large TV audience. On the surface, it may seem surprising that #VoteSNP is mentioned in 22% of tweets, especially when 90% of the country can’t actually vote SNP. However, the SNP are known to have a large and vocal cyber following, known colloquially as the “Cybernats” and this kind of analysis demonstrates to the other parties just how effective they are.

Following on from the hashtags we have the accounts by number of mentions:


Here again, possibly thanks to the “Cybernats”, Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP dominate the Twittersphere. Something else to notice is that neither of the two main parties make the top 10, possibly due to their support being mainly of a generation for whom Twitter has passed by unnoticed. If so, then this election should serve as a wake up call to them, if you want to maintain your place as dominant parties you have to start engaging effectively in social media.

The last thing I took a look at was the party’s official accounts:


Again we can see the total domination of the SNP, with the Tories making the highest appearance of the main parties and Labour trailing in a very sorry last place.

Lastly, analysis of the trigrams within the corpus of the tweets, shows that today’s campaign in three words is: “Agree Nicola Sturgeon”.

Verdict: SNP carry the day.

Well that’s it for this post, until next time, keep crunching those numbers. Smile

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