Call with a recruiter…

You have to admire his honesty, if nothing else. 🙂

Him: Hi, it’s Ben Dover here, this is just a courtesy call to find out a little about your skill set, so that I can help you get your next role.

Me: Cool, where’d you get my number?

Him: (Laughs) Oh don’t worry, it’s nothing sinister, it’s right here on your CV.

Me: So you have my CV in front of you?

Him: Sure do!

Me: And you’re phoning to find out about my skills?

Him: Sure am!

Me: Uh huh, so right under where it says “Contact Details”, where you got my phone number from, there’s a section titled “Skills”, that section pretty much details my, well… skills.

Him: Ah, yeah, no, totally read that, just it didn’t really mean that much to me so thought I’d give you a call.

Me: As a courtesy..?

Him: Riiiight.

Me: And you want to find me my next role?

Him: Yes, you’ve got it! That’s why I’m calling, as a courtesy…

Me: And terms like “Hadoop”, “Pig”, “hive” and “Python” don’t mean anything to you?

Him: Not a thing, that’s why I thought I’d call you.

Me: Yeah, I’m not sure you’re going to be able to help me, but thanks for your… courtesy.

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