The Day HDInsight Died (Again)

So here I am this morning, all ready to get my Data Science Fu on, I pop onto my local HDInsight installation, and it tells me:

Hadoop Not Running

Hmm, time to see if the services are running:

Hadoop Services Not Running

Nope, all stopped. Sigh, right, start them. When I try to do that, I get an error that tells me that there’s been a “log on failure”. A what now? Same log on worked yesterday. Hmm, worked yesterday but not today, I wonder if HDInsight installs a default user with the password set to expire?

Hadoop User Must Change Password Next Logon

Yes it does! I’m not sure if HDInsight installs this way, or if some policy applied on my work machine forces this, but unchecking the “User must change password at next logon” and checking “Password never expires”, should solve this problem.

Services Started

Services are up and running again…

Hadoop Is Working

And HDInsight is back!

So, if your local instance of HDInsight stops working, then check that the hadoop user password hasn’t expired.

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