The Day HDInsight Died

So there I was, casually working away on my HDInsight sessions for a conference next week. Happily submitting my jars and watching my map reduce jobs running, like a happy little data scientist. I had just finished writing my umpteenth job and I wanted to submit it, so I clicked to open the HDInsight dashboard; but it failed to open, reporting that there was nothing on the end of localhost:8085. Hmm, odd. so I opened the job tracker: dead too, and so was the namenode.

I opened the services manager under Windows and saw that, although all the Hadoop services were marked as automatic they were all stopped. Weird, but okay. I clicked to start the first one and it failed to start, reporting a logon failure. “Well that’s nonsense” thinks I, but I’ve not got time to fix that, I’ll just reinstall.

So I uninstalled HDInsight dev preview and the HDP, then fired up Web Platform Installer and reinstalled it. Job done. Well, not quite, because although the namenode and jobtracker and the command line shortcuts installed okay the dashboard was missing. Since I knew the URL I just added it and click to launch it:


But no, the dashboard hadn’t been installed. Weird, but not to worry, so I Googled it with Bing, or I might have Binged it with Google, I can’t really remember, but the upshot was that I found this post:

Which basically said I had to had go here:


and hack the package. So I went there and low!


The package isn’t there. So, that’ll explain why it didn’t install, but doesn’t explain why it hasn’t been downloaded, nor why HDInsight suddenly stopped working in the first place, after having been happily mapping and reducing it’s little heart out for weeks.

If I get to the bottom of it I’ll let you know.

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6 Responses to The Day HDInsight Died

  1. Shah says:

    I am facing the exact same issue, any resolution?

  2. Joy says:

    Same here.. The & are missing 🙂 Not downloaded when I installed using WebPI
    Let me know, if you get any answer to this..

  3. Kevin Pour says:

    Same here. I installed HDInsight For windows azure emulator from Web PI but the only folder installed is c:\hadoop i cant find other folders any idea? Also I cant find anything in WebPI for local version of HDInsight it seems the only installation available is for windows azure one. Any one has any idea where to find the standalone local version of HDInsight that work independent from Azure. I just want run it locally like a basic hadoop cluster .

  4. Allan Grafil says:

    same’s a link saying the reasons why this happened…,

    it was mentioned there that the dashboard was removed, which was mentioned on the release notes.

    would appreciate if you found a solution.


  5. Same problem here.
    Windows Server 2012

  6. Qasim says:

    How to get dashboard in Window 8.1

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