Ever Wanted to Speak at a Community Conference?

Well now is your chance!

The DDD South West Call For New Speakers is now live and we are looking for proposals from new speakers who would like to speak at DDD South West on Saturday 23rd May 2009 in Taunton. The offer is open to ‘new’ speakers who meet the following requirements:-

You must live in the United Kingdom.

You must not have presented at a major event before (including but not limited to any DDD, TechEd, DevWeek). Speaking at a user group is fine (and encouraged!).

You must have presented your full session at a user group at a date prior to DDD South West (in other words there must be a live practice run to a public audience other than your work colleagues).

The closing date for proposals is Tuesday 31st March 2009. You can find full details about the Call For New Speakers at http://www.dddsouthwest.com/CallForNewSpeakers/tabid/61/Default.aspx. You can find full details about DDD South West at http://www.dddsouthwest.com.


Come on in, the water’s fine!

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