Emails that don’t Inspire Confidence


We would like to inform you that your Help Assistant Question [ REDACTED ] has now been returned to the BOT- Order Progress pool. A member of our Support Team will investigate your issue as soon as possible.

If you have any additional information that could help us to resolve your issue more quickly, please amend the above Question at the PlusNet Portal and your comments will be sent directly to our Customer Support centre.

Customer Support

And what is the “issue” that they are investigating? I’ve ordered broadband from them! Not really a support issue then, so why have their systems routed it that way, and why am I getting support related stock emails? Doesn’t really bode well. First impression of new supplier is not great.

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2 Responses to Emails that don’t Inspire Confidence

  1. James Bailey says:

    Hi there,

    The message that you have there is an automated ticket reply from when a ticket comes “off hold”. Provisioning tickets are often put on hold once we’ve placed an order for you. That means that the ticket is then presented to the Provisioning Team when it comes off hold so that they can check if the order has been completed, for example.

    I hope I’m not teaching a Granny how to suck eggs, but we use tickets as our accountable email system if you like. We use them both for internal work that we do, as well as for you to let us know if you have a question or a fault. We put tickets on hold when we know that something is going to happen on a certain day, so that we can check if it has been done.

    It’s basically saying that we’ll look at your ticket shortly, but if you’d like any further information, please add it to the ticket so that we can look into it at the same time for you.

    I appreciate that the language used is a little bit on the confusing side and we’ve raised this internally to have a look at to try and make it more understandable for you and others.

    I’m very sorry if this caused any confusion.

    Could you possibly email me your username or ticket number so that I can have a look? You should have my email address attached to this comment!

    Many thanks,

    James Bailey
    Plusnet Comms Team

  2. William says:

    Who owns PlusNet?

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