Out of this World Blogging Software

As many of you know I’ve recently acquired a MacBook for use when I am traveling. Of course I now have to find applications to use instead of the ones I had previously used on my PC.

The first piece of software I need for my work (and for play too) is blogging software, and for that I’ve selected MarsEdit (hence the out of this world title).

Setting up my blog couldn’t have been easier, I just pointed MarsEdit at the URL, specified the user id and password and Bob is your proverbial uncle, I’m good to go.

MarsEdit handles slugs, tags and excerpts as well as extended entries. You can easily add categories for your posts, media files and enclosures, it’ll even work out mime type and length of the enclosed file, either from the url or from a file on your file store.

There’s also a number of scripts that comes included with MarsEdit which allow you to do things like state your currently playing song in iTunes, look up Dictionary.com and create a post from the current Safari page.

In short, it’s a pretty cool piece of software and is my choice for offline blogging on the Mac.

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