Erlang! Erlang! Erlang!

Yes it’s Erlang at Scottish Developers tonight, come and join us at the Queen Mother Building, Dundee University, Dundee. See our EventBrite page for all the location details; see you there at 7:00pm!


The future is coming… A utopian dream where multi-core computers can do thousands of things simultaneously.

The catch? In this concurrent world, we programmers aren’t equipped with the language tools necessary to harness this power. Locks, semaphores, and mutexes are brittle, uncompasable and prove almost impossible to implement correctly, without leading to disastrous bugs such as race conditions or deadlock.

As we face our multi-core, distributed future the need for Erlang is clear. A high level symbolic language with built in support for concurrency, distribution and fault tolerance.

In this talk you’ll learn how Erlang discards traditional imperative assumptions, such as mutable data, liberating you to write programs that can scale to efficiently use thousands of cores concurrently!

Speaker Biography

Having been interested in computing and innovation since an early age, it’s hardly surprising Rick work’s as a Software Engineer. Always, an evangelist for free and open source software, Rick has built many systems professionally on these foundations, and occasionally finds the time to make small contributions to a variety of projects.

Rick works for a small software house in Dundee, where he develops context based communication software, distributed systems and engages in relevant contract work.

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