Microblogging for September 29th 2008

Recently I said

@markusegger They will appreciate the banks when they are gone and there is no liquidity whatsoever (View)

@WinHEC We’ll be at the PDC, dunno about WinHEC though (View)

@craigber That being the case, they’ll pay the price at the polls (View)

@Ben_Hall I would imagine so, but as yet there’s no details (View)

DevExpress is gearing up for PDC, check out our trailer at http://tv.devexpress.com/pdcpromo.movie (View)

Heard a rumour that the US bail out has failed. Is that right? You guys have got to be kidding me; WFT are you doing over there?!!! (View)

@CAMURPHY you should have used dependency injection to inject BathingMonitor.Wife into the running code (View)

markusegger ah right, got you. Well hope it works out and that we can catch up at the PDC (View)

markusegger no worries, what did you want it for? (View)

@ColinMackay next Monday is the holiday here (View)

Why not come and join the conversation at http://www.twitter.com/garyshort

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