You See What I Say You See

The trouble with one search engine (whomever that may be) dominating the search scene, is that you only get to find, and therefore see, the information that they say you can. For example, I was reading an article on a patent application, made by Google, and I came across this quote (emphasis mine):

Google has sketched a plan for such a system in a patent application. Initially filed in March 2007, the application, which is not available on Google’s Patent Search site, was posted on the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office site on Thursday.

Now, I’m not suggesting that Google is doing anything wrong or underhand by not putting their own patent application on their patent search site, I’m just using it as an example to illustrate the fact that they dominate the search market and that means if they don’t want you to know about something, it’s pretty easy for them not to include it in their search results; not so easy for you and me to ensure our patent applications are not included for example. Market domination, by anyone, is seldom a good thing.

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