Microblogging for September 17th 2008

Recently I said

Getting ready to leave to present on excel hacks for Scottish developers dundee (View)

@ARGibson good question, I’ll find out and let you know (View)

@betsyweber Cool, let me know once you are confirmed, I’d love to introduce you to some of the other DevExpress guys (View)

@akselsoft we have docs and videos to help you with general questions, but if you have specific issues mail me at garysATdevexpressDOTcom (View)

@ColinMackay Brave words from someone who’s coming to my talk tonight LOL (View)

@akselsoft Hey Andrew, sorry to hear you are having such problems with our ASP.Net controls, anything I can do to help you out? (View)

It turns out that @olivers and I are just too "butt ugly" to be doing DevExpress videos these days, so meet Erica http://tinyurl.com/56lrpt (View)

Why not come and join the conversation at http://www.twitter.com/garyshort

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