Gurkhas Have no Right to Stay in the UK? Are you Kidding me?!!!

Sometimes this country drives me mad.

Almost 50,000 Gurkhas have died fighting for Britain since 1815 and 150,000 have been seriously injured while serving.

Gurkhas are received at Downing Street before handing in their petition

Yet thousands of veterans who retired after July 1, 1997 have been refused visas and have been forced to live in poverty in their homeland of Nepal.

Hundreds of badly injured soldiers have also been barred from travelling here for treatment.


After serving for four years or more (like servicemen and women from other Commonwealth countries) Gurkhas should  be allowed to stay in this country. It’s a no brainer. It’s not something these guys should have to take to the High Court. Shame on you Gordon Brown!

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One Response to Gurkhas Have no Right to Stay in the UK? Are you Kidding me?!!!

  1. Liam Westley says:

    You think that is bad, how about having your island sold to the USA to build a military base and being ‘rehoused’ in Mauritius where you are treated like outcasts. And then you win a case in the highest court in the UK and the government invokes a ‘royal prerogatives’ bill to nullify the judgement.

    Our Imperial past has a lot to answer for, as does the pseudo-imperial behaviour of the USA (think Hawaii, Philippines, Cuba etc..).

    I realise Democracy is the best, worst option for running countries, but it doesn’t fix everything. We still have a shameful habit of acting like idiots despite the lessons of our history.

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