Sql Server Install Weirdness

Needing a database for development work I installed Sql Server Express Edition. In April I was fortunate enough to be made an MVP, an award that comes complete with a MSDN subscription. I decided to take advantage of this and install the Standard Edition of Sql Server on my machine. So, not knowing any better, I went ahead and installed that edition. Although it installed okay, the management tools failed to install correctly and left me with only the Express Edition of the Management Studio.

Okay, thought I, it’s obviously gotten itself in a twist – time to uninstall all versions of Sql Server and start again, and that is where the weirdness started. First off, when I tried to uninstall Sql Server I received this error message:-


Well obviously, how could I have selected it for uninstall if it weren’t installed in the first place?! So, there is obviously some problem with the installer software so I had to remove the software manually, always fun (hack, hack, delete, delete, snip, snip). Eventually, I removed all the software and started the install process. Where upon I was informed by the Sql server installer that it couldn’t continue due to the fact that I didn’t have IIS installed, which I do:-


and the service is running. Hmm, I wondered to myself if this was some sort of privileges problem, so I ran the installer as “Administrator” and it spotted that I had IIS and installed with no further problem.

Great! So now I fire up Management Studio and try to connect to the database and… it fails with a not authenticated for user MyMachine\Me error. Sigh. So, I run management server as “Administrator” and it connects to MyMachine\Me perfectly. Grrrr! Now, all I have to do is to remember to run Management Studio as “Administrator” and all will be fine LOL.

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